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Prototype vehicle currently not available for sale and pending type approval. The prices and technical data displayed are estimates and could vary. The available power (kW) and acceleration of the vehicle depend on the battery charge level and its temperature at any given time. The images of the vehicle shown are for illustrative and informative purposes only and may not correspond to the final approved product. 

The accurate range for your vehicle will vary according to a number of different factors which include the route, weather conditions, vehicle load (occupants + luggage), battery age and condition, optional equipment (alloys, tyres, etc.), the use of peripheral energy consumption systems such as heating, air conditioning and heated seats, as well as your driving style. The indicated range is a provisional value and has been calculated in compliance with the WLTP regulation which sets out standard test conditions applicable to all car manufacturers. This ensures that the values calculated in accordance with this regulation are comparable for all vehicles.